Thursday, October 14, 2010

On Halloween...

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Come On Man!! Not Halloween

Well I will be home anyway scaring the crap outta kids.. imagine my bad-beat face will make them shit their pants!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PLO freeroll...

Day 2 of the massive blogger freeroll on PokerStars and already the field is thinning in the first 9 minutes. PLO is a sadistic game...see how evil it is.

Update: Horrendous play so far. Doubled up and then gave half back on an open ended 12 outter. Play is horrendous. I think all the hold'em people have no clue about connecting cards and additional outs after the flop.

Hanging tough at T3030 .. about the average stack. Next update at the break.

Update (before the break I know). I am out. I made a bad bluff and got called down with bottom pair on a board with straight and flush possibilities. Oh wells.

Tomorrow might be a miss being more NL. I really just don't enjoy it. We shall see how I feel.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Freeeeeeroll...(great when you are unemployeed)

WBCOOP starts in a few. Other than a disappointing line up froma lack of limit and O8 games it looks to be a stellar field with some great prizes... I may actually have to update if I can pull anything off.

I had 7 hours of live poker yesterday and this series might be a challenge if I get an actual date this week. No offense PokerStars, but live women > live poker > online Poker. Freeroll begins.

Good luck Blogger Brethren!

Update 1: After a 6 minute first hand we got underway. Too many people forgetting or not realizing it is an early start.

Got my first double up with KQ v QJ on a Q69 rainbow flop. 300 players gone in 31 minutes.

Update 2: Either I am card dead or just too tight. Not much hitting and players are starting the immature trash and bash chatting. Really want to turn off the chat... but a possibility to get someone to tilt some chips off may arise.

The knockouts have slowed chip leader has 13610.

Update: New leader, antes kicked in at 30/60... not even at the BREAK! wow. I am barely above the average... why read one version? Go over to download and watch a few tables since the table screens are adjustable!

Update 4: At the first break the top-20 are all above 11K.. and WesRoks is in the top stack position with 22k. I don't recognize any names in the field so I am wondering if it started too early for most people.
Not alot of post flop play. Pretty much just stealing blinds or facing raise and re-raise decisions. Still card dead. Think A2 was my prettiest hand in the last 20 minutes. Blah.

A few hands after the break I made a stellar river call with A7 on a J672J board. I was in EP and led out on each street. Button pushed on the river with KQ and I thought for good minute and called and took him out. 2 knockouts... feeling good.

Update too many to count: Made a stupid call on an all-in player pre-flop. Forget 3 others stil lhad to act and the SB had KK. Allin player had AJ and needless to say.. KK got sucked out on. My hand? Q 10 sooted. Lost half my stack. Dumb dumb.

578 players to go and 425 til prize bubble. See what happens!

Last update: Busto. UTG raised 3x and I had AQ in the BB. Instead of just re-raising since he had been playing solid I pushed...stupidly. I had no fold equity KNOWING he had been playing well. I let my emotions get to me since the small blind had been raising me too much.

Live and learn. Tomorrow nights donkfest gamboooool at PLO will be interesting.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers, you too can take part by registering on WBCOOP

Registration code: 588526

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Downward Spiral, Desperation or New Leaf?

It a moment of self despair, I attempted to join Notice I say attempted. Which is all it was. A futile attempt. All that wasted time doing the assessment of who I am, what I want, where do I see myself in 5 years, and what I want out of a match. Sadly Captain Morgan Girl nor Hayden Panettiere were listed.

While I am not one to not want to socialize, even when I go out I am still shy. This makes meeting people hard. Not only does my history seem shady and I feel everyone is judging me, but I am just not that interesting.

So getting rejected by a dating site really was a low blow to the esteem. doesn't care. They just want my money. And once I was a subscriber, they STILL wanted money. They try to get me to continue to join or upgrade my features.

Every. Single. Day.

But so far it hasn't been bad. A few winks and emails and I have found a few interesting prospects that I'd like to have drinks with and see if they match what they say. And that they match their pictures. It is called, right?

But if that's a highlight, then the rest of the week has sucked. Stock Market: sucks. Job search: sucks. Roommate hunt: sucks.

One out of four ain't bad.

Let's see if I can win a few SNG's on Stars or FTP this weekend and maybe I can buy a lady a drink!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Being broke ain't a joke...

401K... Nada.
Bank accounts... Change.
Wallet... Plastic I don't dare touch.

Jobless and broke. No unemployment. It is amazing that I finally went back to school and graduated and have absolutely nothing to show for it. What was the point of taknig time off from jobs to study, cram, read, presentations, and a little boozing on the side?

The job market officially sucks for full time hunters. I am too smart for manual labor but I may end up pressure washing driveways or cleaning pools. Yardwork in the winter is even slow. McDonalds won't pay me more that $6.85. And considering I could be a manager, I don't speak Spanish or Ebonics so that position is unavailable.

I took all my funds off the poker sites after a nice $700 run. I need to pay for car insurance, home insurance, gas for a car to go nowhere and food.

Thank god my home bar is stocked with my favorite libations!

*Not shown but available for later consumption are 2 cases of beer in the fridge and 19 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of Dom.

Unemployment will leave me plenty of time for my palate.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

$100 million to Haiti?

Sorry Obama... But my tax dollars are NOT at work. Why are we sending funds to a country that can never pay us back with help, commerce or military efforts?

Yeah... keep that change up buddy. Update the resume.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

False Advertising

Taco Bell does it... Subway and Burger King do it...McDonalds not so much.

Good looking fast food? Of course.. it at least tastes good. Value meals? 99 cents is a kick ass price. Hiphop and jazz music... we know it's racially profiling.

What I am talking about is good looking employees!!! Seriously... who is going to put that cutie in the back wrapping upa cheesey beef Mexi-Melt when she could be hooking me up deals on 99 cent burritos at the register?? I mean.. hello? Managers are you listening? Give the customers what they want!

Now if I can find a hottie to hook me up with with a Chili and Spicy Crispy Chicken Nuggets for 99 cents each, I'll spend every lunch for the year at Wendys until I get slapped with a restraining order. Wait..What's that? Oh.. already 99 cents each.

But where are the hotties? Where are the babes? In the back working their way up the corporate ladder with the normal repugnant staff I see at every fastfood joint?

You'd think Subway might have a babe baking bread and cookies for the lunch crowd. Or did Jared eat her? Did they lose a hottie at Burger King and decide it was cheaper to hire a brown bagger and just put a King mask on her for commercials?

I don't expect hot girls when I go to fill my belly with fast food. Mostly why they put in drive thrus... so you can see them from the waste up and pray you don't catch the wedgie in the stretch pants that are becoming common for fast food uniforms.

If the food was healthy, I'd expect people that like to eat it to look good selling it. I go to Smoothie King or Jamba Juice to get college girls that use the job to get a discount on Xenadrine and Hydroxy-cut.

So listen up execs. Before you really think the hot girls in your commercials are doing the selling for the fourth rate beef and shit you call sour cream stuffed in a paper-like tortilla, get real. I go for the crap food. To satify my belly, not my eyes.

PS Execs,
Seriously.... you are advertising a Taco Bell diet when the girl goes through a DRIVE-THRU... She'd have lost a lot more weight and probably for less if she'd gotten her fat ass outta the car and walked in! God forbid you promote people walking into those Roach Motels you call restaurants!

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